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Bohemian Beauty is the lead trendsetting company; in Ontario, for MOBILE Wellness & Beauty Day Spa services. Bringing luxury, quality and professionally certified spa & beauty services to the your desired location. 


Catering to both private and public guests, parties and venues; for spa and makeup services, weddings, bachelorettes, birthdays, friends getaways- you name it! 


Bohemian Beauty is an award winning company and has multiple successful partnerships; as well as long time loyal clients, throughout Prince Edward County and Quinte, ON. 


Welcome to Your True Spa & Beauty Oasis!
It’s closer than you think. 


Owner and operator of Bohemian Beauty - a wandering day spa; Calista Stephens, offers her clients a unique, on-site, personalized beauty experience, like non other! She is one of Ontario’s top rated Bridal Makeup Artist & Esthetician & Entrepreneur, with 18+ years of experience in the biz behind her; certified in professional makeup & esthetics, as well has a background in business! 


During the early years; before Bohemian Beauty, a time of gaining work experience, Calista soon started to realize that the typical salon/spa setting wasn't the answer for all clients... and not the answer for all Estheticians/Artists either. Calista loved the connection she was building with her clients, but felt some obvious frustrations; for both her clients and herself; with the louder, crowded salon environment. 

She started to think maybe there was a better way to do this whole thing?! 


Calista began a trial and error period of treating family and close friends; for beauty and spa services, right in their own homes!


The response she received from her friends and family was very positive and they all thought the atmosphere was quite a bit more relaxing than the busy estranged salon setting- and not having to travel; for any client, is heaven! Not to mention it created a much more enjoyable and respected work environment for an independent woman, like Calista. The mobile beauty & esthetics niche was born! 


Bohemian Beauty followed shortly there after. 


Calista brings passion, integrity and colour to everything she does. 

Beauty starts from within.

– Calista xo



All of our services are provided by certified and/or licensed practitioners. All practitioners have been preselected for employment; by Bohemian Beauty’s Founder, personally. Bohemian Beauty employees are known for their professionalism and skill to carry out luxuries spa experiences. Those selected for employment are part of kind and compassionate company/ team; who not only have the ability to uphold client satisfaction and care but are also noted for their
passion in the industry. 

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